The Indo-Pacific region is important for the economic development of the global community, Rajnath Singh said

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Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Friday said that the Indo-Pacific region continues to be important not only for the region but also for the economic development of the wider global community. The age-old sea lanes crossing the region have helped trade flourish.

At the Indo-Pacific Regional Dialogue-2022 in New Delhi, the Defense Minister said that the global community is working towards economic development through several platforms and agencies, the United Nations Security Council being the foremost among them. What is needed now is to raise the paradigm of collective security to the level of common interests and common security for all.

The minister said, it is my firm belief that if security really becomes the need of all, then we can think of creating a global order, which is beneficial to all of us. We have also been supporting the idea of ​​multi-lineage. We believe in a multi-pronged approach, which is realized through diverse engagement with multiple stakeholders, to discuss and address the views and concerns of all, for a prosperous future for all.

India will not be built at the cost of others

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Building a strong and prosperous India will not be at the cost of others, rather India is here to help other countries realize their full potential. We should try to create a win-win situation for all. We should not be guided by narrow self-interest, which is not beneficial in the long run.

There is a deep connection that allows us to share a common message of humanity across the Indo-Pacific region. Along this path to shared prosperity and security, underlines the centrality of ASEAN in our efforts towards the Indo-Pacific region.

The era of war is over

World leaders who recently gathered in Bali for the G-20 summit hailed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s message that the era of war is over, now is not the time for war. Rajnath Singh said that when humanity is facing problems like climate change, Covid pandemic, widespread scarcity etc., it is necessary to work together to overcome the destructive effects like wars and conflicts.

I want to share with you that it has always been our endeavor to work with our partners in constructive relationships in this area. We have launched the ‘Indo-Pacific Ocean Initiative’ at the East Asia Summit held in Bangkok. We also proposed an ASEAN-India Initiative on Marine Plastic Pollution Response towards improving marine ecosystems, which would contribute towards effective conflict resolution and sustainable peace through a more humane approach.

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