The last week of November is like a boon for people born on these dates, see if you are also included in this list

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Like astrology, numerology also reveals the future, nature and personality of a person. Just as there is a zodiac sign according to every name, in the same way there are numbers in numerology according to every number.

To get your number according to numerology, add your date of birth, month and year to the unit digit and then the number that comes out will be your Bhagyank. For example, people born on the 2nd, 11th and 20th of the month will have a radix of 2.

Let us know for whom the last week of November is going to be auspicious-

Radix 2-

  • Your luck will support you in business and workplace.
  • Criticisms will give you the strength to succeed.
  • Good relations will be formed with the spouse this week.
  • Health will also be good.
  • Your financial condition will be strong.
  • You can deal in real estate.
  • You can get profit in buying and selling.
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Radix 3-

  • You can get back your stalled money this week.
  • Work hard, you will get benefit.
  • There will be more success than expected in the workplace.
  • The trend towards art will increase.
  • Time is good for business.
  • Honor and respect will increase.
  • Officers will be happy.
  • You are expected to make financial gains.
  • You may get some good news.

Radix 8-

  • There will be a good atmosphere at the workplace.
  • Stopped money will be received.
  • Health will be good.
  • Old diseases will end.
  • There may be an opportunity to go on a pilgrimage with the family.
  • If you are a student then there is a possibility of success in competitive examinations.

Radix 9-

  • Your respect will increase.
  • Health will be good.
  • Focus in new direction in business.
  • This week is good in terms of business.
  • Can meet an old friend.

(On the information given in this article, we do not claim that it is completely true and accurate. Please consult the expert of the related field.)

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