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India used to be a country in which cars were a luxury. But it is not like that anymore! With a rapidly growing economy, India has witnessed many changes in the common people’s lives. One is the growing lifestyle; cars are a major part of that.

Now, most people prefer to use personal cars for travelling. But it also needs to be noted that not all personal cars are affordable. That is why purchasing a used car for your family is the best option. After the Covid breakout, most Indians have shown interest in buying used cars after considering several benefits. So, let’s find some of the most reliable second-hand cars any Indian family can buy.

1. Hyundai i20

Even though Hyundai is a bit late in making its existence known in India, It has been providing nothing but its best variants. Hyundai launched its new i20 back in November 2020. At the time of launch, it had no ‘elite’ moniker. Currently, the Hyundai i20 is available in four trims: Sportz, Asta (o), Asta and Magna. 

It has 1197cc Petrol, 998cc Petrol and 1493cc diesel. It has a power output of 82BHP, 118BHP, and 99BHP. Its maximum torque is 115 Nm, 172 Nm and 240 Nm. With 5-speed and 6-speed Manual, 7-speed DCT Automatic, 6-speed iMT and CVT, this car is undoubtedly the best-used car you can purchase. Also, it is a 5-seater Hatchback, providing a mileage of 20.03 km/pl, which is also impressive. 

So, you can check out an i20 in a showroom or visit CARS24 for second-hand cars online to get the same at a reasonable price. 

2. Maruti Suzuki Alto

Anybody who is even a little bit interested in cars knows about Alto. It is the best second-hand car in India. Maruti Suzuki, the oldest car brand with the biggest market share in India, has already gained the customers’ trust. Both Alto-K10 and 800 are sold in the second-hand car market in India in huge numbers. Its engine is 796cc Petrol and 998cc Petrol, and its power output is 47 BHP and 66 BHP. Being a 5-seater hatchback with and 5-speed manual and AMT gearbox, the Maruti Suzuki Alto is one of the best choices for every Indian. Also, its impressive mileage of 22.05 km/pl makes it even more promising. 

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3. Maruti Suzuki Swift

As one of India’s most trusted and reliable brands, Maruti Suzuki has undoubtedly served us the best. When it comes to the most reliable used cars, Maruti Suzuki is the one-stop destination for a large number of people. Maruti Suzuki Swift provides excellent mileage, like 22.38 km/pl, which makes it a great choice for those looking for a second-hand car. This 5-seater hatchback comes with an engine of 1197cc Petrol, maximum torque of 113 Nm, and a 5-speed Manual & AMT gearbox. The Swift’s power output is 89 BHP. So, if you want to buy a used car, this can be a great choice. 

4. Toyota Innova Crysta

Toyota Innova has been in the Indian market for a long time now. It has been ruling the MPV segment for the past many years. Toyota, one of the most trusted companies, decided to sell Innova Crysta around seven years ago. Even today, the car has a great demand in the second-hand car market. 

This 7-seater MPV comes with 169cc Petrol and 2393 cc Diesel. It has a 5-speed Manual and 6-speed automatic gearbox. Its power output is 164 BHP and 148 BHP. Also, with maximum torque of 245 Nm and 343 Nm and 15.06 hm/pl mileage, Innova Crysta has become one of the most common choices for most Indian families. 

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5. Hyundai Verna

As you must know by now, Hyundai is a huge brand available in India. All its cars have low maintenance and first-in-segment features. Hyundai Verna, a 5-seater Sedan, has the engine 1497 cc Petrol, 998 cc Petrol and 1493 cc Diesel. Its power output is 113 BHP, 118 BHP. With 6-speed Manual, 6-speed Automatic, 7-speed DCT Automatic and CVT Automatic gearboxes, Hyundai Verna can serve its owner well. Its mileage is also impressive. It has 17.07 km/pl mileage with maximum torque of 144 Nm, 250 Nm and 172 Nm. So, if you are a Hyundai fan and want to experience your first driving experience with one of its models, consider CARS24 for second-hand cars online and purchase a Hyundai Verna for your family. 

6. Ford Ecosport

The Ford Ecosport, a subcompact SUV, is available in 3 engines, one is 1.5 litre Diesel, and the other one is 1.5-litre Petrol. Their power outputs are 99 BHP and 120 BHP, and their maximum torque is 215 Nm and 149 Nm. The Ford Ecosport provides comfortable headroom and legroom and considerable boot space. Its mileage ranges between 14.7 km/pl and 21.7 km/pl. Also, with a price starting from 5 lakh rupees, for those who are looking for an affordable second-hand car, this is just the right one for you.

7. Hyundai Santro Xing

When you want to buy a second-hand car, Hyundai Santro Xing can be a good choice too. Even though it was manufactured between 2008 and 2015, its old models are still used today. It has a 1.1-litre engine. This car is easy to maintain, and it has efficient fuel. Hyundai Santro Xing is available in LPG and CNG options and has remarkable drivability. In 2020, people chose this model of Hyundai as the most preferred one. So, you can also choose this model for your use. 


Cares are today’s necessity. Gone are those days when cars used to be a luxury for people. Now, cars have become people’s habit. But it is also a fact that one cannot buy any car they prefer. So, buying a used car can be a wise decision for those desperately trying to buy a reliable car for their family. 

However, potential buyers need to know well about the cars. Also, the car needs to be reliable enough. So, going through our list, you can get a clear perspective on the car’s features and benefits. So, go through the list and buy your car now!
When it comes to buying an automobile for their family, many Indian families look to used cars. Used cars can be much more affordable and remain popular in India due to their reliability, safety and affordability. With such a wide range of second hand cars available on the market, however, it’s important to do your research to ensure you’re buying the safest and most reliable used car possible.

One of the most popular used cars for Indian families is the Maruti Suzuki Alto 800. Launched in 2012, the Alto 800 is a trusted and reliable hatchback ideal for Indian families. This sturdy and durable vehicle offers both maximum comfort and convenience with its air conditioning and power steering, as well as providing excellent fuel efficiency. It’s easy to drive and extremely affordable, making it the perfect choice for Indian families.

Another popular used car for Indian families is the Hyundai Grand i10. This five-seater vehicle offers excellent space and comfort, making it ideal for families. The Grand i10 is fuel efficient, has great build quality and a low maintenance cost, making it a prime choice for Indian families looking for a used car.

Finally, the Honda City is a great option for Indian families looking for a luxurious used car. The Honda City has been a leader in the Indian automotive market for years, and it’s easy to see why. This sedan has an impressive design, a roomy interior and excellent fuel efficiency. The Honda City also features a host of modern features, making it a great choice for those looking for a luxurious used car.

These are just a few of the most reliable used cars for Indian families. When shopping for a used car, it’s important to do your research and make sure you’re getting the best car for your needs. With the wide range of options available today, you’re sure to find the perfect car for your family.

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