There was a sudden explosion in the Bluetooth headphone on the charging! 28-year-old youth lost his life, know the whole matter

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Jaipur. A case of death of a youth has come to light due to explosion in Bluetooth headphones while charging in Jaipur district of Rajasthan. The police said on Saturday that a 28-year-old youth who was the victim of the accident used to prepare for competitive exams. This accident happened in Udaipuria village of Chomu town. Rakesh Kumar Nagar was sitting in the house with Bluetooth headphones and connected it to the charging plug. According to Govindgarh police, suddenly there was an explosion in the headphones and the youth became unconscious. He was taken to a private hospital where he died during treatment.

Dr. LN Rundla of Siddhivinayak Hospital said that the young man was brought in an unconscious state. He died during treatment in the hospital. According to the doctor, the young man probably died due to heart failure. According to the police, Rakesh was married in February this year.

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OnePlus phone exploded in the bag…
Something similar happened with the battery of the OnePlus Nord 2 smart phone. A few days back, a woman who bought the new OnePlus Nord 2 has claimed that her phone exploded inside her sling bag while riding a bike. OnePlus has acknowledged the issue and is trying to find out why the phone’s battery exploded.

This allegation has come in the form of a tweet (now deleted) by Ankur Sharma from Bengaluru. According to Ankur, when his wife was going on a bike, the 5-day-old OnePlus Nord 2 suddenly exploded.

Soon after the explosion, smoke started pouring out of the OnePlus Nord 2, which was then kept in the woman’s sling bag. Smartphone explosions are nothing new, and many will remember Samsung’s failure where various Galaxy Note 7 users witnessed multiple smartphone explosions.
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