There will be a stir due to the retrograde of Jupiter, all 12 zodiac signs should be ready for change, know the condition of your zodiac

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Jupiter is going to retrograde in Pisces on 29th July 2022. It will remain in a retrograde state for about four months. Guru will become Margi on November 24, 2022. In astrology, Jupiter is the planet of expansion, abundance and prosperity.

Jupiter retrograde prompts us to consider whether we need to make any changes in life. We need to take a look at the broader picture and try to redefine our motives or desires. However, it is also a moment when previously lost possibilities can resurface with more promise and potential.

Let us know what will be the effect of this transit on different zodiac signs.


Don’t overdo it with your charged emotions and bold attitudes towards others. Get ready to do some major internal work. You have a tendency to be overly competitive, even to see your own personal growth as something you should be perfect. Take it easy and don’t make hasty decisions. Your fiery behavior may work against you, so stay calm and let things come to you.

Taurus Horoscope:

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Examine your current routines and consider whether they are advancing your goals or keeping you in place. You may have experienced an unusually high level of stress during the past few weeks, so this break can feel like a breath of fresh air. See your failures as the biggest obstacles yet to come. Give yourself time and make new connections.

Gemini :

It is advisable to push your personal boundaries. Your open-mindedness and flexibility will be helpful as they will help you challenge established habits and broaden your worldview. Reconsider any negative stereotypes that you may have inadvertently fostered that keep you from pursuing your goals. Your adaptability is likely to be tested as you need to redefine the boundaries of existing relationships.

Cancer :

Your ability to be mindful of your feelings is one of your strongest qualities. You need to improve your relationships by connecting with others from a logical point of view. Learn about their thought processes, worldviews, and reactions to the environment. You will have a strong backing of your intuition, which you can use as a lever to your advantage as you attempt to rebuild your connection.

Leo sun sign :

You will encounter beliefs that you have set up as obstacles that must be overcome in order to increase your zest for life. You need to identify the reasons that prevent you from exploring new interests or making friends. You may feel the need to impress everyone. You cannot and should not try to influence everyone’s opinion. It’s time to question your own structure and thought process.


In order to grow into a better empath and understand others better, you may be asked to rethink your critical attitude. Try to relax and drop your rigid plan. To help you be your best self, list the people and things that inspire and motivate you. Make new friends or take a favorite past time. Don’t waste your energy on things or people that don’t matter.


The strong need to maintain order can motivate you. Even if it consumes your energy and prevents you from moving forward, you may feel pressure to save reputation and be friendly with others. By forcing you to break up with those who are suppressing you, this backspin will counter your overwhelming desire for harmony. Look critically at your external attachments.

Scorpio Horoscope:

This is a great moment to focus on your creative side. Think of new ways to resolve issues at the workplace, especially your relationships with superiors. With practice, you can learn to trust others with your work and ask for help when you need it. Take advantage of this encouragement, as it will help you build your confidence and take advantage of your courageous and perceptive powers.


As an idealist, you can see a silver lining in any situation. A positive attitude towards life will help you deal with its vast possibilities. It’s a good idea to take account of your life and relationships right now and consider whether your efforts are paying off or are just a waste of time. You need to figure out where your energy is being used and where it is being restored.


Focus on developing new skills along with open and honest communication. This is a great time to do some research on new educational options and set some challenging goals. Don’t over-analyze your decisions or else it can prevent you from discovering skills that can be quite valuable down the road. Connecting with yourself and others on an emotional level.


Your current state of exhaustion may be the result of dealing with unpleasant feelings of late. Expansion and introspection can seem like a burden rather than an exciting adventure. You will have the opportunity to deepen your self-awareness. Test your inner monologue by moving away from social situations. An internal contradiction will emerge, which you will have to face courageously.


You may get this transit in the form of a positive journey. In fact, you can experience a surge of confidence. This is a great time to observe your spending habits and evaluate how you can improve them in the future. There will be special emphasis on your quest for prosperity. Instead of looking at your goals through colored glasses, put them in perspective.

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