Tips: Delete all the information of Photos easily, know the process of PC, Mac, Android and iPhone

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We mostly use our phone camera to click photos. We take all kinds of photos with the phone. Did you know that metadata is included with the photo? In fact, along with the photo as metadata, many of its details such as where the photo was taken, camera settings and software for photo editing are included. Metadata can also tell which specific smartphone or camera the photo was taken with. In technical language, it is called the metadata of the photo.

Although it is a good thing to have such information linked with the file, but many times we do not want this information to be associated with the file, especially at a time when we share a photo on social media or messaging app.

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The metadata associated with a digital image is stored in a format called EXIF, which means Exchangeable Image File Format. For information, let us tell you that there is also a way to remove these details from the photo.

On Windows PC…

>> For this, first open the Windows computer, and open the folder of Pictures.
>>Now highlight the photo whose metadata you want to remove, right click on the photo.
>> After knowing here on the Detail tab, go to the option of ‘Properties’.
>> Go to the last option ‘Remove Properties and Personal Information’ here.
>>Before deleting the metadata, Windows will ask you whether you want to save a copy of the photo containing the details or delete the EXIF ​​information from the original photo.

If you want to do this for all the photos, then highlight all the photos at once.

On Apple Mac…

>>Use preview to open photo.

>>Open the menu and select ‘tools’.

>>Select Show Inspector.

>>Now click on (i) tab.

>>Now tap on the GPS tab and remove the location information.

In Mac, if you click on EXIF ​​instead of the GPS tab, you will see all the information about the photo, but you will not be able to delete it. ExifTool, ImageOptim and Image Scrubber are some of the options that are used to delete the information of a photo.

How to Delete on Android…

Step-1: First of all go to Gallery app, where your photo/picture is stored.

Step-2: Select the image and click on ‘More’ (three vertical dots).

Step-3: Now go to ‘Details’ here.

Step-4: Now go to Edit option.

Step-5: Delete ‘Location’ and press ‘Save’.

How to Delete on Apple iPhone…

Step-1: First of all open the Photos app.

Step-2: Now select the photo.

Step-3: Click on ‘Share’.

Step-4: Select ‘Options’ (if it is next to ‘Location’ at the top of the screen)

Step-5: Toggle off Location or Data for the entire photo.

Step-6: Select ‘Done’.


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