Tips: Does your laptop battery run out quickly? Check battery condition in minutes, work will be easy

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The battery life of your laptop is very important for you as it helps you to last the whole day from work to travel. However, like all other electronics, the battery wears out and becomes dead over time. In this case you may need to replace your laptop battery to get the backup. But, how can you check the health of your battery while it is in use? Windows 10 has a secret tool to test your battery health. The secret is because it is not visible to you in the start menu or settings.

So let’s know how it can be accessed and how you can check your battery health using this tool?

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Step 1 – Launch Command Prompt. To do this, search ‘cmd’ or ‘command prompt’ in either Windows Search or the Start menu. Once the Command Prompt window appears, you will see a black (or any other color you set) window with the file path starting with ‘C:’.

Step 2 – Now type the text as ‘powercfg /batteryreport’ and press enter. Now you will see a message with a file path that says ‘Battery life report saved’. This file path is the location of your battery report.

Usually it is saved in your user folder and the path is like this C:Users [Your_User_Name]battery-report.html.

Step 3 – You can open that folder from File Explorer, or you can copy the file path and enter it in File Explorer’s address bar and press Enter.

Now, you will have a complete battery report of the batteries installed in your device. The ‘Design Capacity’ field shows how much power your battery could provide when it was brand new.

‘Full Charge Capacity’ tells you the maximum power your battery can provide at the moment. By comparing these things, you can get an idea of ​​the wear and tear of your battery.


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