Tips: You can record video calls like this on Zoom app, here is the step by step process

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Coronavirus has completely changed the way people meet. Now people have started meeting each other mostly virtually. Most of the virtual meetings have started taking place in the office. Along with this, many schools and colleges are also taking online classes on this. Most users have started using Google Meet and (Zoom Meeting) for online meetings. At the same time, sometimes we need to record it. That’s why today we are telling you how you can record video calls on Zoom.

Record video calls like this on Zoom

  • To record video calls on Zoom, first download its online latest version.
  • Start or join a new meeting now.
  • When you join the meeting, you will see a record button on the top left corner.
  • Now click on it to start recording the video.
  • When the meeting is over, you can check it by going to the folder where you saved it.

That’s why recording is also important

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If an online class is being held on Zoom and you record it, then it can prove to be very beneficial for you. Because you can read the topic taught in class again and again. In such a situation, the recording of the zoom meeting is very beneficial for the students.

How to do call recording on WhatsApp

  • If you use an Android phone, then you have to take the help of third party app to record the call.
  • You download cube call recorder or any other app in your phone.
  • Now open the app and go to WhatsApp. Now call the person whose call you want to record.
  • If you see the Cube Call widget in the app, then your call is being recorded.
  • If for some reason the error appears in the phone, then you will have to open the app again.
  • Now go to the settings of the app, here in voice call click on force voice.

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