Tokyo Olympics: After winning Olympic gold, this is Neeraj’s next big target

Image Source : GETTY Tokyo Olympics: After winning Olympic gold, this is Neeraj’s next big target
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Tokyo. Javelin thrower star Neeraj Chopra has made his next goal of throwing the 90m javelin in the upcoming events after creating history by winning an Olympic gold medal. Neeraj, India’s second individual gold medalist in the Olympics, was trying to break the Games record (90.57m) on Saturday itself, but he could not reach there.

After his historic performance, Chopra said, “Javelin throw is a technical event and a lot depends on the form of the day. So my next target is to cover 90 meters. Now that I have won the gold medal, I will make plans for future competitions. After returning to India, I will try to get visas from abroad to participate in international competitions.

Chopra had said after withdrawing from the Gateshead Diamond League on July 13 that he could take part in the remaining stages of the top-level one-day series after the Olympics. In addition to the Lausanne (26 August) and Paris (28 August) stages, the javelin throw is also included in the final to be held on 9 September in Zurich.

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23-year-old Neeraj, a resident of Khandra village in Haryana’s Panipat, said he was not under any kind of pressure and was doing the same thing as he does during other international competitions. “There was no pressure and I was participating in it (Olympics) like any other event. It was like I have competed against these athletes before and there is nothing to worry about. This enabled me to focus on my performance. It helped me win the gold medal.

Chopra said, “Yes, I was thinking that India has not won an athletics medal till now but once I got the spear in my hand, these things did not come to my mind. Chopra had competed in three international events before the Olympics, but only one featured top athletes. He said, “The most important thing is that I got a chance to participate in international competitions before the Olympics. I was looking forward to it. I asked Lakshya Olympic Podium Program (TOPS), Sports Authority of India (SAI) and Athletics Federation of India (AFI) to arrange some competitions.

They did that because of which I am here.” Chopra said, “I am grateful to SAI, AFI and TOPS for all the facilities I have got. Asked how he managed to throw the javelin for a long distance in his first two attempts, Chopra said, “If the first throw goes well, it takes the pressure off. This happened. The second throw was also very good. He said, “On both occasions, as soon as I dropped the spear, I knew that it would go a long way. This puts pressure on other athletes. ”

About his friend and medal contender Johannes Vetter of Germany, Chopra said, “He was struggling. I don’t know if it was because of pressure or because of participating in too many competitions. He wasn’t in his rhythm.” The waiters were out after the first three attempts and finished ninth overall. Chopra also credits his success to his childhood coach Jaiveer Choudhary. It was Jaiveer who asked him to join the javelin throw at the Shivaji Stadium in Panipat. He said, “I started with Jaiveer. He helped me a lot when I didn’t know anything about javelin throw. He is now training in the national camp. He is extremely dedicated. My core technique improved a lot after practicing with Jaiveer.

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