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Top 5 Viral Videos Of Entertainment: Hrithik Roshan seen with Saba Azad, fans stunned by Disha Patani’s style

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Top 5 Viral Videos Of Entertainment : Hrithik Roshan was seen with Saba Azad. On the other hand, Disha Patani made people crazy with her performances in the promotion of her next film ‘Ek Villain Returns’. When there was a traffic jam in Mumbai due to Rakhi Sawant’s car, the actress asked people to be patient in a filmy style. Watch today’s top 5 viral videos-

Hrithik Roshan and Saba Azad spotted together

Hrithik Roshan was spotted by the paparazzi at the airport with his love Saba Azad, sister and mother. There were rumors that the couple is getting married, but a recent report states that they are in no hurry.

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Hrithik and Saba are enjoying their time together. They are finding out if they really want to get married.

Disha Patani’s charming style

A video of Disha Patani has surfaced, in which she is seen promoting it with the team of her film ‘Ek Villain Returns’. Fans were surprised to see the performance of the actress on stage. Disha is looking very glamorous. Fans are expressing their love for her by commenting.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas sang together

A recent video of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas is going viral on the internet, in which both the stars can be seen singing and humming in the middle of a music concert. The fun-filled style of both is pleasing to the netizens. They are expressing their wish by commenting that they want to see both of them singing together on stage sometime.

Rakhi Sawant’s film style amid traffic jam

Paparazzi saw Rakhi Sawant in Mumbai when she was out of the house for some work. She had parked her car on the side of a busy road, leading to a long queue of vehicles behind her car. There was a traffic jam. Seeing the traffic, Rakhi said in a filmy style, ‘Where we stand, the line starts from there.’ She went ahead saying this.

Bride insists on meeting Vicky Kaushal

A video of a bride is doing the rounds on social media, in which she is insisting on meeting Vicky Kaushal. Actually, Vicky Kaushal was also present at the venue where the bride stayed. The bride insisted that she would not go for Jaimal without meeting Vicky Kaushal.

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