Turkey: Model jokingly posted a picture on social media, the government filed a case considering it objectionable

Istanbul: A 23-year-old model Merv Taskin has been arrested in Turkey a few months ago. She has been arrested for sharing obscene comments on the internet. Let us tell you that in January 2020, model Merv Taskin went to the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands. During that time she took some pictures in a sex toy store located there. She shared those pictures on her social media account. For this reason, a case has been registered against her in Turkey and she has been arrested. Let us tell you that according to Turkish law, strict action is taken for sharing any kind of pornographic video or content.

In such a case, the person can be prosecuted for spreading obscenity and she can be punished with heavy fine or even 3 years in jail. Speaking to the BBC, model Merv Taskin said, ‘My intention was not to spread obscenity or break the law at all. I just put this video for fun. Let us tell you that Marve is considered a big social media personality in Turkey. He has about 6 lakh followers on his Instagram.

Went to Amsterdam for birthday
Let us tell you that model Merv Taskin went to Amsterdam with her friends to celebrate her 23rd birthday. There she also went to a sex toss store with her friends. Shared some photos of that store on social media. She says that her purpose was only that she wanted to post something new to her followers. But, the Turkish authorities saw this video differently and filed a case against them. He told that after getting the summons of the court, he has deleted many photos. After the case was registered on the model, it remains a topic of discussion in the Netherlands.

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