Twitter is bringing a new feature! Users will now be able to report misleading tweets, the company will take action

Social media platform Twitter will start a pilot project, which will allow users to flag wrong content on the platform. This effort of Twitter is to reduce misleading information in its platform. Initially, the new feature of Twitter will be introduced for some users in the United States, South Korea and Australia. Twitter users will be able to click on ‘report tweet’ and select ‘Y is misleading’. The social media giant said, ‘We’re testing a feature for you to report Tweets that seem deceptive – as you see them,’

Twitter said users can be more specific in reporting misleading tweets. Users can report tweets related to political, health, which come in the form of sub-category tweets related to elections and COVID-19.

Twitter said in its statement that during the experiment, we may not be able to take action on each report, but user input will help us understand the trend and we will be able to work on this feature faster.

Twitter said that once a user’s tweet is marked ‘misleading’, it will be reviewed by automated technology and human moderators and then decide whether to take action or not.

Twitter shuts down verification program
Twitter has stopped its account verification program. The company said that they have yet to improve their application and review process. Twitter admitted last month that it had permanently suspended some accounts it had mistakenly declared as verified accounts. The company said in a tweet that, ‘We have temporarily suspended the application for verification so that we can improve our application and review process.’

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