Uttarakhand: Now pregnant women will also get corona vaccine in Pauri, these hospitals will be selected for the first phase

Now pregnant women have also started getting corona vaccine in Pauri. In fact, in the past, pregnant women were not being vaccinated due to this doubt. The reason for this was that these hinges should not be fatal to pregnant women and the child in their womb. At the same time, as soon as the Government of India has declared the corona vaccine safe for pregnant women, putting an end to this, the Pauri Health Department has now started administering the corona vaccine to pregnant women.

In the first phase, the main hospitals in the district have been selected for vaccination, including District Hospital Pauri, Base Hospital Srinagar, Sub District Hospital Srinagar, Base Hospital Kotdwar. Vaccination at these centers has been started after prior training of the health department. The Chief Medical Officer said that in the second phase, corona vaccine will be applied to pregnant women after reaching every village, in which both the mother and child can be safe from the danger of corona. At the same time, pregnant women reaching for vaccination have also given vaccination advice to other pregnant women and after vaccination has also told it to be safe.

State Immunization Officer gave this information

State Immunization Officer Dr. Kuldeep Singh Martolia says that guidelines were given by the Center to pregnant women to apply Kovid vaccine. Vaccination has been started in all districts after training health workers. There is no separate quota of vaccine for pregnant women. They will be given a dose of vaccine from the general quota.

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