Vakri shani in capricorn: Retrograde Saturn will leave Aquarius on 12th July and go to Capricorn, days will change for Aries, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius

Already retrograde Saturn in Aquarius is now leaving Aquarius and going to Capricorn. Even in Capricorn, it will remain in retrograde state. Actually, Saturn will enter Aquarius in two phases. Earlier he entered Aquarius on 29th April, but now he will again leave Aquarius on 12th July and come to Capricorn. Stay here for a few months, then return to Aquarius. This is creating both good and bad situations for many zodiac signs.

Aries people may suffer some loss in terms of money, but Saturn going into Capricorn will prove to be very beneficial for you. There are chances of you getting success in many things.

Saturn going into Capricorn will prove to be beneficial for Leo. People of this zodiac are likely to get promotion in the job. During this, keep control on your speech.

Virgo – With Saturn going into Capricorn, you will achieve immense success. You will get a good position in the job and respect in the society.

For the people of Libra, Saturn is going to the fifth house, where it is a path of great benefit for you. If seen from the child’s side, then you will get good education related to children’s education, prosperity, job etc. Children will be successful in achieving their goals.

Sagittarius – Saturn is going to bring very good results for the people of Sagittarius. The work that has been pending for a long time will start getting done for you. There will be some obstacles in the work, but they will be completed. Good results are to come for many things in life, but there may be some delay in them.

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