Varanasi: Flower business back on track, farmers as well as traders’ faces blossomed

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Varanasi Flower Business: Business has been affected during the Corona period. Most small business people have been troubled due to the epidemic. But, now once again people’s business seems to be back on track. In the month of Sawan, something similar is with flower businessmen in Kashi. For the time being, the flower, which is counting the days of misfortune, is now seen again fluttering. There is a thirty percent jump in business and the faces of the traders along with the flower farmers are in full bloom.

Look at the business
Varanasi is considered to be a major center of flower business and floriculture. A lot of flowers are produced here. About ten thousand families are associated with the cultivation and business of this flower. Whether women or men, flowers are cultivated in about a dozen villages along the banks of the Ganges. When the flowers are born here, they go to the mandis and are sent to the entire Purvanchal.

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Corona did damage
In the second wave of Corona, the visit of devotees to the temple was banned and the events were also limited. Therefore, there was a crisis in the flower business. The situation was that the flowers were ruined in the fields itself. There was also a problem in reaching the market. Both business and agriculture had gone into loss.

Sawan gave relief to business
The arrival and reverence of devotees in the month of Sawan has given relief to flowers and its business. Especially the flowers climbing in the temples show the faith of the people. In such a situation, the flower business is now looking up a bit. There is a crowd in the flower market and people are seen shopping for flowers outside the temples.

Varanasi is a hotbed of seasonal flowers
Flowers are cultivated in Manduadih, Rohini, Ramnagar as well as Jalhupur in Varanasi. A large section of women is associated with it. From growing flowers to making garlands, women contribute. From the cultivation of this flower, women’s homes run. With the business coming back on track, now the faces of the people are once again in bloom.


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