WhatsApp Launches Cross-App Transfer Feature, Now Transfer Chat History With Voice Notes

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New Delhi: Facebook-owned messaging platform WhatsApp has announced the launch of the most sought-after feature called “cross-app transfer”. The new feature allows WhatsApp users to take their WhatsApp chat history with them when they change their mobile operating system. Unlike some of our competitors that use cloud-based messaging, all personal WhatsApp messages from users are by default end-to-end encrypted and stored on users’ devices.

This means that taking your WhatsApp history with you between platforms requires additional work from WhatsApp and operating system and device manufacturers to make it secure and reliable. The company said in a statement that, together with the world’s largest operating system and mobile manufacturers, we are now making this possible.

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Can transfer voice notes and photos too
This feature allows you to transfer your entire WhatsApp chat history along with voice notes, photos and conversations if you want to switch mobile operating systems. WhatsApp said that with this feature, users will be able to switch between the platforms of their choice and take their WhatsApp history with them.

This feature will be available for users of both Android and iOS systems. According to the company, it will initially roll out on Android and on Samsung’s new Galaxy phone, which was unveiled on August 11.

What did the Product Manager of WhatsApp say?
We’re excited to make it easy for people to securely transfer their WhatsApp history from one operating system to another for the first time. Sandeep Paruchuri, Product Manager, WhatsApp, said that, this feature was being demanded by users for a long time, which we have worked closely with operating system and device manufacturers to solve.


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