WhatsApp Tips: You can secretly read messages on WhatsApp, even the sender will not know; Learn the easy way

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Nowadays people run away from messages and calls, and do not consider it necessary to answer all calls or messages. But there are times when you can’t text or call, and you can’t even get your phone away from you. What you can do in such times is to read WhatsApp messages without informing the sender so that you can take your time to reply to them. An easy way to do this is to turn off read receipts or blue ticks, but this is two-way street and you won’t even know if the other person has read your WhatsApp message.

However, if you are the curious type and want to know who has seen your message on WhatsApp, but also do not want others to know when you read their WhatsApp message, then you can follow this trick . To do this, before opening the WhatsApp message on your phone, set the phone on airplane mode.

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After that you can read WhatsApp message. Even after turning off Airplane Mode, the sender of the message read by you will only see Unread.

Another trick you can use to hide whether you are online on WhatsApp is to turn off your last seen. For this, go to Settings > Click on Account > Select Privacy. You can disable your Last Seen from all contacts by going to WhatsApp Settings.

You can also unread the messageā€¦
You can also unread a message on WhatsApp, and reply to it later. By which you will remember that you have unread this message, which is yet to be answered.

To unread a message, tap and hold on the message. Note that the sender of the message will know that the message has been read, but you will be reminded that you haven’t actually read it through the green and blue ticks.


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