WhatsApp: Who has blocked you on WhatsApp, you can know in an easy way

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WhatsApp has become the need of everyone in today’s time. Nowadays, we get WhatsApp installed in everyone’s phone if we can find anything else. By the way, many special features are available in the app, and the option to block someone in the messaging app WhatsApp Chats is also given, so that messages from that contact stop coming. However, the person who is blocked does not get any notification about it.

Today we are going to tell you some such ways of WhatsApp by which the user can find out whether he has been blocked by any contact or not.

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>> If a person is blocked in a chat, he will not see in the chat window when the contact was last online or last seen.

>>Updates will not be shown in the profile picture of that contact.

>> If a contact has blocked the user, then only one tick will be shown on the message sent to him.

>>If all these signs appear for a contact then it means that he has blocked the user.

However, all these signs can be seen even if there is a connectivity problem. WhatsApp says that it has deliberately kept the blocking process somewhat complicated so that the privacy of the user can be protected if someone is blocked.

Notification does not come about being blocked
A contact is never informed by WhatsApp that it has been blocked. Apart from blocking the contacts, users can also report any wrong content or spam.

Open WhatsApp. After that go to More options (three dots) and then open Settings. In Settings, tap Account and then go to Privacy, Blocked contacts. After that select the contact which is to be blocked.


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