WhatsApp’s cool trick! Send message by speaking without typing, it is very easy way

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WhatsApp is a very useful app for people, through which they text, chat and share the small things of their life. With this people also share multimedia, which includes making voice messages and video calling to friends and relatives. There are many features packed on WhatsApp, and new features keep coming in it every day to improve the experience of the users. As we have been using WhatsApp for years, sometimes we get annoyed while writing long messages, especially when we want to send an important message quickly.

At times, tightening a big message seems like a very confusing and tedious task, and perhaps this is the reason why WhatsApp voice message is so popular. But imagine how it is that there is an option of WhatsApp voice message too? If you also think so, then you will be surprised to know that text and message can be sent on WhatsApp without typing itself. Yes, users can also write and send messages by speaking in the chat…

Learn the full way here…
For this, first open WhatsApp, then go to the chat that you want to send the message to.

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Now go to the keyboard to send the message. You may have noticed that most keyboards have a Mic sign on the top side. Here now you have to tap on it.

Now a mic will start in front of you and will say Try to Say Something.. to speak to you.

Now whatever message you wanted to send by writing, say it. Then when your message is complete, tap on the mic icon, and send the message.

Note: For information, let us tell you that users can type in both Hindi and English, because nowadays most keyboards support Hindi along with English.

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