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Harrdy Sandhu is an Indian singer, actor, and songwriter, who is known for his work in the Punjabi music industry. He recently made headlines when he took off his pants in the middle of a shoot and Palak Tiwari’s reaction was caught on camera. This unexpected event took everyone by surprise and provided a unique glimpse into the behind-the-scenes of a shoot.

Harrdy Sandhu’s Unusual On-Set Behavior

Harrdy Sandhu is no stranger to making headlines. During a recent shoot, he took off his pants in the middle of the shoot, which shocked everyone on the set, including the crew and his co-star Palak Tiwari. The singer was seen taking off his pants and standing in his underwear, much to the surprise of everyone present.

Palak Tiwari’s Surprising Reaction

Palak Tiwari was the one who was the most surprised by Harrdy Sandhu’s sudden move. She was seen in a state of shock, with her mouth agape, as she watched the singer take off his pants. However, despite her surprise, she maintained her composure and continued to act as if nothing had happened.

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Shoot

The shoot was for a music video for the song ‘Naah Goriye’, which was released in October 2019. The video features Harrdy Sandhu and Palak Tiwari and was shot in a beautiful location in the hills of Manali. The director of the video was Aarish Singh, who is known for his work on several music videos.

What Led to This Unusual Occurrence?

The reason behind Harrdy Sandhu’s sudden move is still unknown. However, some sources suggest that it was an impromptu decision taken by the singer himself, as he wanted to add some comic relief to the shoot. Whatever the reason, the move certainly caught everyone by surprise.

How Did the Crew React?

The crew of the shoot was also surprised by the singer’s behavior. However, they managed to keep their composure and continued to shoot the video as if nothing had happened. The director was also seen laughing, which suggests that he was not too bothered by the incident.

What Was the Outcome?

The video for ‘Naah Goriye’ was released in October 2019 and was a hit among fans. Despite the unexpected interruption, the shoot was completed without any further incident

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