Why is there delay in getting Covid-19 vaccine for India, America gave this answer


Washington: The Covid-19 vaccine is an important weapon in the war against Corona. People all over the world are being vaccinated to protect them from Covid-19. A country with a large population like India needs a sufficient amount of vaccine. America is ready to help India in the form of a vaccine, but there is some other reason behind the delay. The White House has said that the Biden administration is ready to continue to partner with India in the fight and help in the development of the vaccine.

Biden administration with India in the war against Corona

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki spoke to reporters on the delay in getting India’s vaccine. He said that the delay in providing the vaccine to India is not due to America. In response to a question, he said, “When we are sending the Kovid-19 vaccine, there are legal or regulatory issues coming up somewhere and it has to be resolved according to each country.”



Regulatory problem over delay in supply of Covid-19 vaccine

Saki said, “This obstacle is not coming from our side, but we are eager to provide the vaccine to the people of India, to provide them continuous assistance and to give continuous help to deal with the global pandemic corona virus.” Told, “We are ready to cooperate with them continuously, along with the vaccine, we want to give them continuous support.”

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