Will Bihar government conduct caste census at the state level? CM Nitish Kumar gave these indications

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Caste Census: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said on Monday that the caste census is not a political but a social one. Responding to a question from journalists regarding the letter written to the Prime Minister regarding caste census after the Chief Minister’s program at the public’s court held in the Chief Minister’s Secretariat complex in Patna, Kumar said, “His letter has been received by the Prime Minister’s Office on August 4. Is. The answer has not come yet. We want caste census to be done, it is up to the central government. This is an old demand of ours. We have been keeping our points in this regard in the past as well.

He said that everyone is aware that in the year 2019, a resolution in this regard was passed unanimously from the Bihar Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council, after that in the year 2020, once again the resolution was passed unanimously from the Vidhan Sabha.

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Kumar said, “We wish that there should be a caste census. It will be of great benefit. Once the caste census is conducted, each and every thing will be known. By knowing which caste has how much population – everyone will get the benefit of development schemes.

He said, “The caste census is in everyone’s interest. We want caste census to be done, it is the work of the central government ahead. If the Prime Minister gives time, we will definitely speak our words together. Its relation is not political but social.

The Chief Minister said, “Not only in Bihar, caste census is being discussed in many other states. Regarding this, our party MPs had written a letter to meet the Prime Minister, then they met Home Minister Amit Shah. The MPs have met the Home Minister and told their points. The opposition parties of Bihar also wanted to meet the Prime Minister under our leadership. We have written a letter to the Prime Minister regarding this. It is the job of the central government to take a decision regarding the caste census. We have been expressing our desire. It is a matter of social interest.”

Will the Bihar government conduct the caste census from its level?
When asked whether the Bihar government would conduct caste census on its own in case of no response from the Centre, the Chief Minister said, “Census is conducted for the entire country simultaneously. Earlier, the caste count has been done by Karnataka once. If there is a need to calculate caste for information in Bihar, then everyone will be discussed about it.

Kumar said, “We have not said anything about it yet. We wish that caste census should be done across the country, it will be very good.

He said that the last caste census was conducted in 1931, it is in the interest of the country to conduct it once again, once the caste figures are revealed, it will work in the interest of all. According to him, it is not in the interest of any particular person.

On being asked about the demand being raised to implement the rest of the recommendations of the Mandal Commission, Kumar said that this is the work of the Central Government. One important recommendation was the reservation which has already been implemented.

Responding to the question of journalists related to vaccination in Bihar, the Chief Minister said, “We will definitely achieve the target of six crore vaccinations in six months, there is no doubt about it.” Initially, we had also bought the vaccine, but later according to the announcement of the Prime Minister, the vaccine is being made available by the central government.


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