Wuhan Covid-19 Cases: New cases of corona in Wuhan, China, orders for extensive investigation, corona originated in this city

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Wuhan Covid 19 Cases: Chinese authorities on Tuesday announced a city-wide investigation after the unusual increase in cases of Covid-19 in Wuhan. The epidemic originated in the city of Wuhan at the end of 2019. Three new cases of corona virus infection were reported in Wuhan on Monday, which are the new cases of infection reported locally there in more than a year.

Since the beginning of the epidemic in Wuhan, China had controlled the spread of infection in the country to a great extent. Since then, whenever new cases of infection were reported, the authorities controlled the spread of the epidemic by imposing lockdown and conducting extensive investigations.

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The current number of Covid-19 cases is in the hundreds and it (Covid-19) has spread more widely than before and has reached many provinces and cities including the capital Beijing.

Many of these cases are of the delta form of Covid-19 which is quite contagious. The National Health Commission said on Tuesday that 90 cases were confirmed on Monday, of which 61 cases are of local infection while 29 cases are among people who have recently come from abroad.

Most of the local cases are in Jiangsu province, where the infection was reported at the airport in the provincial capital Nanjing and reached the city of Yangzhou, 105 km away.

Officials have confirmed five new cases in Nanjing and 40 in Yangzhou City. New local cases have been reported in single digits in five other provinces and the cities of Beijing and Shanghai.

Meanwhile, government-affiliated scientists have said that the Chinese vaccine for Covid-19 has low efficacy against the new form of the virus, but still provides some protection. Only Chinese vaccines are being given in China right now. According to officials, 1.6 billion doses have been given in the country so far.


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