You can easily download movies, TV shows and web series on Netflix! Learn How

You can easily download movies, TV shows and web series on Netflix!  Learn How
If you often travel mostly for office or any personal work, then you may also be one of those people who spend the time of travel listening to songs or watching a video. During such trips it is best to download music and videos in advance, so that you will not need internet during the journey. As you all know, during the journey, the speed of the internet is mostly reduced and the facility of WiFi is also not available.There are many music apps available to listen to songs offline, becoming a premium member of which you can download the music and use it later. Users can download the Netflix app for videos and movies.

Now Netflix allows you to download some shows and movies, but here you cannot download everything. Apart from this, you can download movies and shows only on your smartphone or tablet through the Netflix app. This download option doesn’t work for smart TVs, gaming consoles, and your computer.

How to Download Shows/Movies on Netflix?

>> Go to the Netflix app and find the movie or show you want to download. Not all shows/movies have a download option, so you need to check if the one you want to watch is up for download before proceeding.

>>If the show/movie can be downloaded, go to its detail page.

>>Tap on the download button. After tapping, the arrow button given below will turn into a timer, where you can see the process of your download.

>> After this the downloaded movie or show will be downloaded according to your internet speed.

>> Movies on Netflix can be downloaded in one go, but for shows you have to download each episode separately. There is no option to download the entire season

The downloaded movie/show on Netflix is ​​not going to stay on your device forever, it is for a limited time. You need to make sure you watch this movie/show soon before it is removed by Netflix. All the movies/shows you have downloaded will be available on the download tap, which you can watch without internet.

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