Youth going to study are returning from Pakistan as terrorists: DGP Dilbagh Singh

Srinagar . Jammu and Kashmir DGP Dilbag Singh has said that in 2017 and 2018 most of the youths who went to Pakistan for study visas or to travel with tourist visas were involved in terrorist activities. are. About 57 such cases have come to our knowledge, which were related to terrorist action in one way or the other. In view of these incidents, now every youth going to Pakistan has to go through strict scrutiny. He said that strict rules have been made for every student or normal traveling person traveling to Pakistan due to terrorist activities.

DGP Dilbag Singh said that I think that in Pakistan, the gun is being given preference instead of the pen, so the youth who go to study are becoming terrorists. So far 17 youths who came to India and took terrorist action have been killed. All of them had gone to Pakistan for studies, but returned from there with training and guns. He said that we are aware of the developments. Still about 13 youths, who went to Pakistan with valid documents, but after that they have secretly crossed the border and returned to India and are active in terrorism.

DGP Singh said that while 17 youths are still in Pakistan, our eyes remain on them. For this reason, youths going to Pakistan have to face strict rules. The DGP said that in what environment do these youth study, in which environment do they live? In Pakistan they become terrorists. Therefore, strictness is being taken on Study Visa and Tourist Visa.

Singh said that Pakistan is playing with the lives of the youth by luring them into terrorism. He said that Pakistan is using narcotics to ruin their lives and also drug smuggling to use the money for terrorism. He said, “These three things are happening simultaneously from Pakistan. Drug menace is a major challenge, as it is well organized with Pakistan’s support and sponsorship.” The police chief said, “Jammu has always been involved in Pakistan, its sponsored terrorist organizations, ISI and terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. Targeted agencies.

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