22 Years of Taal: Govinda was Subhash Ghai’s first choice for Taal, not Anil Kapoor, would have been seen coming with Aishwarya Rai if he had agreed

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Mumbai: One of the great successful films of Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai is ‘Taal’. Released on August 13, 1999, the film was directed by a veteran director like Subhash Ghai. In this film, Akshaye Khanna was in the lead role and Anil Kapoor was in the role of supporting actor. Released 22 years ago, this film was given music by AR Rahman. Although all the songs in the film are superb like ‘Taal Se Taal Mila’, ‘Kahin Aag Lage Lag Jaave’ but, there is a song ‘Ramta Jogi’ which has been picturized on Anil Kapoor. Tells an interesting anecdote about this song.

Subhash Ghai was looking for an actor for ‘Taal’
Taking up the history of the film industry, we get to see many such hit roles, which have been rejected by an actor earlier, then another hero gets the role and that role becomes a super hit. This has happened not once but hundreds of times. Subhash Ghai is considered to be a director who keeps a sketch in his mind about who will be an actor-actress before making his films. Something similar happened when he decided to make ‘Taal’.

Govinda turned down Subhash Ghai’s offer
Aishwarya Rai and Akshay were in the lead role in this film, but wanted to take Govinda as a supporting actor. When Govinda refused for some reason, Subhash offered the role to many other actors. When things did not work out with two-three actors, Anil Kapoor was offered and he signed the film, thus the song ‘Ramta Jogi’ was filmed on him and became a hit. Anil Kapoor played a character named Vikram Kapoor in the film ‘Taal’ which was well-liked.

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‘Ramta Jogi’ filmed on Anil Kapoor

On the completion of 20 years of the film ‘Taal’, Anil Kapoor shared a video on social media about the song ‘Ramta Jogi’.



The musical film ‘Taal’ made under the banner of Mukta Arts Production House was a super hit at the box office. Years after its release, its music was echoing in many national-international film festivals.

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