Akhil took command of business from the age of 19, till now has given jobs to many unemployed

New Delhi. After creating a new dimension of success by the father to the business established by the grandfather, now the grandson is also on the same path. With the inspiration to handle the business from his grandfather and father, Akhil started helping his domestic business from the age of 19. Poddar Group of Industries was founded by Akhil’s grandfather Dwarka Prasad Poddar. Father Uttam Kumar Poddar has given it a new dimension of success. The company has so far manufactured and supplied four to five lakh PPC poles. Poddar Group of Industries is a well-known name in the corporate circles of Rajasthan. This company manufactures PPC electric poles used in the basic infrastructure of the state. Now this company is headed by young businessman Akhil Poddar. Let us tell you that many people are working in Akhil’s company.

Promotion of new age technology and management
Akhil has worked hard in the development of his personality. He prefers to wear clothes from select brands like Armani, Louis Vuitton, Gucci etc. He owns vehicles like Range Rover, Jaguar, Mercedes and BMW. Along with traditional business skills, Akhil has promoted new age technology and management system in Poddar Group of Industries, which has infused a new youthful energy into the company.

Know what Akhil says?
Akhil aims to expand the manufacturing and supply of PPC Poles by Poddar Group from the state level to the national level. For this, the planning to increase the manufacturing capacity has reached the last level. Akhil says that we all have the potential to fulfill our dreams. Need to believe in yourself. It is most important to learn time management along with all other skills, so that your productivity in the given time is high.

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