‘Ashram Season 4’ When will come? Prakash Jha said – Baba, know your mind, then Bobby Deol gave this answer

MX Player’s show ‘Ashram’ has been a tremendous hit. Narrating the story of Ek Dhongi Baba’s ashram and his dark adventures, the first, second and third seasons of the show were widely watched and the public has given it immense love. Now after the third season, people are asking questions about the next season of the show. Fans on social media are asking when will the fourth season of ‘Ashram’ come? Recently Bobby Deol answered this question.

When will the fourth season of Ashram come?
Bobby Deol has played the lead role in ‘Ashram’. He plays the character of Baba Kashipur Wale in this show who is a hypocritical saint and under the guise of faith does all kinds of evil deeds. In a conversation with Bollywood Life, when the show’s director Prakash Jha was asked when the next season would come, he said, “Before the next season, we will have to see what growth is there (in season 3).”

Prakash Jha said – Baba, know your mind
When Prakash Jha was told that there is no doubt that this is a huge hit show. So Prakash Jha, turning this question towards Bobby Deol, said, ‘Baba Jaane Mann Ki Baat’. Now because the ball was in Bobby Deol’s court, he replied to the question and said, ‘My mind will say that please make and make the season’.

You can’t force the story
But at the same time Bobby Deol also said, ‘But it also depends on how the script is going. If you can’t make more seasons out of a story, then it shouldn’t be made. You can’t force it. You can’t force a story. So I can confidently say that if the story is not forced and the story is carried forward. So obviously the next season of the show will come.

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