‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ Box Office: Worldwide collection is around 8500 crores, know how much it earned in India

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Box Office Collection of Avatar – The Way Of Water: Director James Cameron’s magic has again worked on the audience and the box office. The film ‘Avatar: The Way Of Water’, released on December 16, continues to earn strongly. The film is doing good collections not only on weekends but also on weekdays. While the film has reached very close to 300 crores, it is expected that it will soon beat ‘Avengers – Endgame’ as well. Know the collection of the film in this report.

How much was the collection of Avatar 2
‘Avatar: The Way Of Water’ had an opening of Rs 41 crore on the first day. At the same time, the film had collected a collection of Rs 129 crore in the opening weekend itself. With this, the film collected 192.75 crores in the first week. The total collection of the film has been close to Rs 300 crore so far. Remind that the highest grossing Hollywood film in India has been ‘Avengers – Endgame’. Which earned Rs 373.22 crore. By the way, let us tell you that the worldwide collection of Avatar 2 has been around Rs 8500 crore.

  • Day 1: Rs 41 crore
  • Day 2: Rs 42 crore
  • Day 3: Rs 46 crore
  • Day 4: Rs 18.50 crore
  • Day 5: Rs 16 crore
  • Day 6: Rs 15 crore
  • Day 7: Rs 14.25 crore
  • Day 8: Rs 12 crore
  • Day 9: Rs 20.80 crore
  • Day 10: Rs 24.50 crore
  • Day 11: Rs 12 crore
  • Day 12: Rs 10.25 crore
  • Day 13: Rs 9.60 crore
  • Day 14: 9.50 (Early Trends)

What was the collection of Titanic and Avatar?
According to the information, Cameron again worked on this script for this film in 2006 and he also created a different language for the aliens shown in the film. Which was created by linguist Dr. Paul Frommer at USC. This language was created from 1000 words. In which James Cameron added 30 words. James Cameron had also set up separately to make this film. Significantly, James Cameron’s Titanic has collected about 18 thousand crores and Avatar has collected 24 thousand crores.

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The budget of Avatar 2 is 2000 crores.
Let us tell you that the first part of Avatar was released in 2009 and after about 13 years the sequel of the film has come. The director of the film, James Cameron, is known for his amazing direction and use of technology ahead of time, which is really very expensive. The budget of Avatar 2 is said to be 250 million dollars (Rs 2000 crore). That is, it is a very expensive film and to be a hit, it will have to earn a lot. Remind that James Cameron made Titanic before Avatar and Avatar came 12 years after that. Its second part is coming 13 years after Avatar. Before Avatar, Titanic was the world’s highest-grossing film, then in 2009 Avatar broke this record.

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