‘Bangarraju’ Review: Bangarraju Movie Twitter Review

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King Nagarjuna, Naga Chaitanya, In the combination of Kriti Shetty and Ramyakrishna Bangarraju The movie opens. The film is a sequel to the blockbuster Soggade. Insist on the festival Nagarjuna Too much entered the ring. However the film was completed at jet speed. Promotions were done faster than that. The whole movie was released today. The air of Akkineni fans has also started on Twitter. Let’s take a look at the discussion on Bangarraju movie on Twitter.

With some people spreading negative talk about the US premiere, more fans flocked to the scene. Stop crying .. Premiere Review Tokka Asparagus All Scrap .. Are you going to see Mass Europe .. Take a single screen talk.

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Positive reviews are coming on the movie .. Another netizen tweeted that there is a different level ramp from Interval to Climax.

For the first half families, the second half was over. More and more netizens are commenting on the festival movie. It is said that Nagarjuna was incarnated in the incarnation of Mass.

The first half was good .. The second half was better than that .. Another netizen tweeted that Akkineni was an eye-opener for the fans. We are going to see the incarnation of King Nag Mass once again. The show has started in UAE .. Comments appear that the movie is a blockbuster. In a word, the movie is being called a blockbuster.

Some people are commenting that the movie is not good anymore, rod movie, utter flop, disaster. And is this a deliberate negativity? Is the movie really good? It will take a few more hours to find out.


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