Bell Bottom Trailer Released: Watch the sizzling trailer of Akshay Kumar’s action-packed ‘Bell Bottom’

Bell Bottom Trailer Release: The trailer of Akshay Kumar’s most awaited movie ‘Bell Bottom’ has been released. Akshay Kumar is once again seen in a strong style in the trailer. The tremendous action-packed scenes create thrill in the audience. Just a few minutes ago the trailer of the film has been released and as soon as it is released, the trailer has also become viral on social media. After watching the trailer of the film, there is no doubt that Akshay is going to have a blast once again.

Let me tell you, the release date of the film ‘Bell Bottom’ was getting postponed for a long time. Earlier the film was scheduled to release in May, but due to Corona, its release date was postponed like other films, but recently the makers have announced the release date of the film. Now the film will hit the theaters on August 19.

The special thing is that this film of Akshay Kumar is going to be released in 3D. Confirming this news, Akshay Kumar has announced to release it in 3D. Sharing this news, Akshay Kumar has shared a video of himself on social media. Sharing the video, Akshay wrote, ‘Experiencing thrill with full feel on 19th August. Bell Bottom is also coming in 3D.

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