‘Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain’ fame actor Saanand Verma remembers the days of struggle, said – used to walk 50 km for auditions

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‘Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain’ fame actor Saanand Verma has mentioned some things while remembering his struggling phase before acting career. Actually, Saanand told in an interview that after coming to Mumbai, he had to face many problems as well as he used to go hungry for many days due to lack of money.

Saanand told in the interview that when he came to Mumbai for the first time, he had no place to live. He spent the first night in Mumbai in a pharmaceutical factory. He told that he used to travel more than 50 km for auditions every day and he used to complete this journey on foot.

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Left the job to fulfill the dream

Saanand said that he had done in a multinational company but his dream was to become an actor which he left his job to fulfill. Saanand told that when he stepped into Mumbai, he had only 100 note in his pocket. He said that during that time he did not know at all what he had to do and be told.

During the conversation in the interview, Saanand said, “I had absolutely no money at that time and I have slept hungry for many days.” He told that, to stay connected with the media, he joined electronic and then broadcaster. Here he got so much success that his annual income became 50 lakh rupees. After which he bought a house in Mumbai with these money.

Saanand earns 30 thousand rupees daily

Let us tell you, Saanand Verma, who is seen in the serial Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai since 2015, started his acting career from the year 2010. According to media reports, Saanand currently gets 30 thousand rupees daily. According to this, he earns lakhs of rupees in a month.


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