Bigg Boss OTT Live: Neha Bhasin KISS Riddhima Pandit, know what is the matter

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Karan Johar had promised that his show Bigg Boss OTT will be quite over the top and it has started happening in the first week itself. There is a lot of explosion going on in the Bigg Boss house at the moment. On one hand, Shamita Shetty-Rakesh Bapat, Nishant-Moose Jatana duo and Urfi Javed have gone to the nomination, while on the other hand Prateek Sahajpal and Akshara Singh have already become the boss man and boss lady of the house in the first week. There are pairs of boys and girls in the house, between which chemistry is being prepared. But in the meantime, singer Neha Bhasin has openly kissed Riddhima Pandit, the second female contestant of the house.

Actually, the task is going on to find the next boss lady and boss man at this time in the house. The task is to become a statue and the other team has to force the players to move the statue in any way. In such a situation, on the first day, Prateek’s team had tortured the people of Rakesh’s team a lot. But in the coming episodes you will see that Neha Bhasin of Rakesh’s team has used the power of love to shake Riddhima.

Neha Bhasin, Ridhima Pandit, Neha Bhasin kisses Ridhima Pandit,

Neha Bhasin is going to be seen with Riddhima Pandit.
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Meanwhile, Neha loves Riddhima a lot and is going to be seen kissing her.

Riddhima Pandit, Karan Nath have become a pair in the show. (Image- Voot)

At the same time, the housemates are going to be seen doing something similar with Prateek and Akshara.

Akshara Singh and Prateek Sahajpal.(Image- Voot)

Let us tell you that viewers will be able to watch this show, which is broadcast on Voot app, not just for one hour but 24 hours live. Not only this, this time the report card of the contestants will be punished in this show or whether they enjoyed seeing the performance of the contestants every day or not, its report card is also in the hands of the audience.


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