CRED Mint: CRED launches P2P lending feature, users will get up to 9% interest

At present 75 lakh users are connected to Cred.

CRED Mint: Through P2P lending feature, CRED members can earn up to 9% interest by lending to other CRED members.

Bangalore. Fintech platform CRED (CRED) on Friday launched a peer-2-peer ie P2P lending feature called CRED Mint for its users. Through this feature, credit members can earn up to 9% interest by giving loans to other credit members. The company has partnered with RBI registered P2P NBFC Liquiloans for the credit mint.

Cred started out as a credit card repayment platform that rewards users for paying their bills. Now products like rent payment and personal loan have also been added to this platform.

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