Happy birthday Kajol: Was misbehaved before meeting Ajay Devgan, Kajol herself mentioned this story

Actress Kajol, who has proved her mettle in Bollywood, is celebrating her 46th birthday today. She got married after a 4-year long relationship with actor Ajay Devgan. After which the onscreen appearance of Kajol, who is handling the family, reduced considerably.

The first meeting happened on the sets of the film ‘Hustle’

After working in the film industry for a long time, now Kajol is living a happy life with her husband Ajay Devgan. Their love story before marriage has been quite interesting. During an interview, Kajol recalled their first meeting and told that 10 minutes before meeting Ajay, she had called him badly.

According to Kajol, she met Ajay Devgan on the sets of the film Hustle. He says that she was ready for the shot of the film and asked where is her hero? On which someone indicated to him that he was sitting in the corner. After which he spoke good and bad about Ajay Devgan.

Dated each other for 4 years

According to Kajol, they started talking to each other on the sets and later became very good friends. Kajol says that neither of them had proposed each other for marriage. According to him, after dating each other for 4 years, both of them understood that now they have to live with each other.

Happy birthday Kajol: There was misbehavior before meeting husband Ajay Devgan, Kajol herself mentioned this story

According to Kajol, both of them got married on 24 February 1999 after dating each other for four years. According to him, Ajay’s parents had agreed to the marriage. While Kajol’s father did not talk to her for 4 days, her father was that Kajol should focus on her career. Kajol, who is currently living a happy life, has a daughter Nyasa and a son Yug. At the same time, Kajol had to face miscarriage twice before the birth of her children.

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