Horoscope Today 23 August 2022: Wonderful time is visible for these zodiac signs including Virgo, these people should avoid anger

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Planetary Position – Rahu is in Aries. Mars is in Taurus. Moon has entered Gemini. Venus is in Cancer. Sun is in Leo. Mercury is in Virgo. Ketu is in Libra. Saturn is retrograde and in Capricorn. Jupiter is retrograde and moving in transit in Pisces.

Horoscope Today 23 August 2022 –


The sum of business success is being created. He seems to be making progress in life. Maintain constant focus on health. Decision making ability is getting better. The condition of the child is getting better day by day. The arrival of new love is possible. Business success seems to be coming. Donate green things.


Control anger. Blood pressure appears irregular. The status of love and children is looking very good. Money is also increasing, but avoid investing now, otherwise there is a possibility of loss. Keep worshiping Ganesh ji.


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Positive energy is being circulated. He seems to be making progress in life. Health is better than ever. The position of love and children is a bit medium. Looking at better times than ever from a business point of view. Keep the green thing close by.


The mind will be worried about health. It doesn’t seem like a big deal though. Lethargy will remain and you will feel a bit lifeless. The condition of love and children has continuously improved. From business point of view some new situation will be created which will be auspicious for you. Keep worshiping Bajrang Bali.


Expected growth in income is visible. Good news will be received. The benefits of travel are visible. Health is very good. Love and children are also better than before. Looks like a happy time. Keep the yellow object close by.


Looks like a wonderful time. You are counted among the most intelligent people. The sweetness remains. The legal hassles are coming to an end. Getting business success. The status of love and children seems to be medium. It is an auspicious time from every other point of view. Keep worshiping Ganesh ji.


recovering from troubles. Health is improving. Love and children need attention. Things have started going from business point of view. Walking slowly but started walking. Donate yellow item.


Cross a little bit. Circumstances are unfavourable. Health is mediocre. Love and children are also medium. Business will go on well. Donate green things.


Looks like a happy life. Moving forward in business. Job conditions are good. Health is mediocre. The condition of love and children is good. Overall in good condition. Keep worshiping Ganesh ji.


The dominance of the enemy will continue. Health is looking a little soft-hot, take note. A new situation is visible from the business point of view. The condition of the child is also better than before. There is a happy sign for those who are in love. Keep worshiping Maa Kali.


Pay attention to health. In love and children, there can be you and me. Good time for students. Business will go on. Keep the green thing close by.


Love is now coming very deeply in life. Health is a bit moderate. It is a pleasant time from business point of view. The child is following your orders. It’s a good time Keep worshiping Lord Bholenath.

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