IAS Success Story: How Ashutosh Kulkarni, who failed the civil services interview many times, became successful, know his strategy

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Success Story Of IAS Topper Ashutosh Kulkarni: If you learn from your mistakes and make every effort towards the goal with full sincerity, then you will definitely reach your destination. Today we will tell you the story of Ashutosh Kulkarni, who became an IAS officer. Ashutosh failed many times in the UPSC Civil Services, going very close to success, but he did not lose hope and kept working hard. This was the reason that he got the post of IAS according to his mind in the fourth attempt.

patience is very important
According to Ashutosh, to get success in UPSC, first of all you have to decide that you will not give up in front of all the challenges and failures. Ashutosh failed to reach the interview twice but he did not let himself down. He had decided that he would return only after getting success from here. After all, with better strategy and learning from his mistakes, he fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS by securing 44th rank in the fourth attempt.

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Left engineering field and joined UPSC
You can fulfill the dream of civil service irrespective of studying any field. Ashutosh originally hails from Pune, Maharashtra and started preparing for UPSC after studying mechanical engineering. He improved himself with every effort and achieved his destination. Ashutosh says that you come here from any field, but it is necessary to have a better strategy and hard work. This is the key to success.

Watch Ashutosh Kulkarni’s interview with Delhi Knowledge Track here

Ashutosh’s advice to other candidates
According to Ashutosh Kulkarni, you will have to make your own separate strategy for Pre and Mains while preparing for UPSC. He believes that you should prepare for both the exams together, because after Pre, there is not much time for Mains. According to Ashutosh, you should also keep analyzing your preparation so that you will get a chance to do better in the next attempt.


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