Jehangir Ali Khan Photo: Amidst all the controversies, Kareena Kapoor Khan shared this photo of son Jahangir

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Bollywood actresses Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan are again surrounded by controversies for the last few days. This controversy has happened since his second son Jeh’s full name came to the fore. His full name is Jahangir Ali Khan. Amidst controversies, Kareena Kapoor Khan has shared a picture of son Jeh this morning.

Kareena Kapoor took this picture during her breakfast. Jeh is also visible in this. Kareena has shared this picture on her Instagram stories. A plate of avocado toast with cherry tomatoes is seen in this picture.

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Jehangir Ali Khan Photo: Amidst all the controversies, Kareena Kapoor Khan shared such a picture of son Jahangir, wrote this thing

Jah was seen resting

Next to it, Jeh is seen resting in his armchair, holding a giraffe toy in one hand. Sharing the photo, Kareena Kapoor wrote, “Breakfast with Sophie the Giraffe.” Kareena Kapoor and her husband Saif Ali Khan welcomed Jeh in February this year. They also have a four-year-old son Taimur.

Name revealed during book launch

Jeh’s full name is Jehangir Ali Khan, he revealed this during the launch of his book Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Pregnancy Bible. She was launching the book on social media with filmmaker Karan Johar. The whole family is being trolled after the name of the son came out. Many people are objecting to his name and comparing it to the Mughal emperor Jahangir.

Trolls took place in the name of Taimur

Kareena Kapoor had to face such trolling even after the birth of her first son Taimur Ali Khan. People trolled for naming their son after Turkish invader Taimur Lang. He objected to the fact that Timur had invaded India, he was a cruel ruler who had openly created a massacre.


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