John Abraham Birthday: John Abraham used to cry seeing his face, prayed to God to increase his short height

Today (December 17) is the birthday of Bollywood’s handsome hunk John Abraham. Not only girls but boys are also fans of John’s fit body, height and looks. However, there was a time when he used to cry seeing his face and used to get upset because of his short height. John was not at all confident about himself, although the girls were impressed by what he saw in himself. John had told during a chat show that a girl had fallen in love with his pimples. On the birthday of John Abraham, know the funny anecdote of his life.

John Abraham used to cry seeing the mirror

John Abraham is one of the fittest actors of Bollywood. However, when he was not a model and actor, he saw a lot of shortcomings in himself. John talked about this in an interview with Simi Grewal in 2005. John had told that when he stepped into puberty, he used to cry seeing his face and ask God to take back such a face. John had told that whenever he used to cry in the mirror and used to ask God why did he give such a face?

Used to pray for height

John had pimples on his face. He said, to be honest, I had a lot of pimples before when my face was cleared. When you have small pimples on your face then your confidence decreases. I had big pimples, not small ones. I used to cry to God that why gave such a face. Do some magic, Lord. I was also the shortest height among my friends and class. I used to pray to God to make me tall. He listened to my prayer and I became 6 feet 1 inch. I’m happy now.

The girl liked John’s pimples

John told another interesting thing related to pimples. He was dating a girl during college days. He did not have the confidence to go too close to the girls. The girl he was dating had a crush on John’s pimples. John told that that girl used to tell him that you like me more because of your pimples.


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