Mohabbat Bhi Zaroori Thi Bichadna Bhi Zaroori Tha: Lyrics of the song became the truth of life for two artists

Gauhar Khan Kushal Tandon Love Story: The descent of your eyes was also necessary, love was also necessary, separation was also necessary… This song was filmed on Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tandon. So who knew that this would become the bitter truth of both of their lives. Today even though the paths of both of them are different, today even though both have moved ahead in their respective lives, even today both of them have nothing to do with each other. But there was a time when these two names were linked together and the discussions of their love were everywhere.

The pair of both were made in Big Boss
Both Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tandon had reached Bigg Boss 7 as contestants. While living in the house, both had become good friends and on seeing their chemistry discussions started happening everywhere. Both of them who came out of the house had come into the relationship. People also started liking this pair very much. They started appearing everywhere together. The special thing was that Gauhar Khan was 12 years older than Kushal Tandon. But this age gap did not come between the two. Both of them date each other for 2 years but then the news of distance in their relationship shocked their fans.

Was told about the breakup on social media
One day Kushal Tandon wrote on social media that his and Gauahar Khan’s paths have now parted. The two are no longer together. When his fans read this news, he was shocked and this news was in the entertainment world for a long time. But as much as it was necessary to meet both, perhaps separation was equally inevitable. Because today both are very happy in their respective lives. While Kushal Tandon is busy in his life, Gauahar Khan has married Zaid Darbar and he is also very happy in his married life.

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