Mumbai: Despite getting permission from the government, mall owners lock up, know what is the reason

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In Mumbai, the government has given permission to open malls from August 15. After opening the mall for 2 days, now all the malls themselves have dropped their shutters. So far, malls and institutions have lost thousands of crores.

The Maharashtra government made a rule that from August 15, all shopping malls can be opened in Mumbai. The condition was laid that whoever comes to the mall will have to keep a certificate of taking the doses of both the vaccines. Apart from this, the employees working in the mall should also have both the vaccines of Covid. After that the Municipal Commissioner of Mumbai took out a notice that even if a single dose is applied, the employees can work.

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Employees can work in the mall on both doses

At the same time, on August 16, the Chief Secretary gave a clear instruction from his office that employees can work in the mall only after both the doses. Knowing the new rules after lifting the shutters of their malls in August, mall owners closed all their malls in Mumbai. Be it Infinity or Inorbit, Oberoi or Phoenix, all the malls are closed. The mall owners have closed the mall for 9 months since the entry of Covid in the last 18 months. There has been a loss of thousands of crores and the government has also suffered loss of crores of revenue.

Mall owners have demanded from the government that concessions should be given in the rules. At least such a situation should be created where an employee with a dose of vaccine can come. The time interval between the two doses of the vaccine is very difficult depending on the time taken for the vaccine in common people. Most of the employees working in the mall are in the age group of 18 to 44 years.

After July, the vaccine has become available to everyone and still the vaccine is not available on purchase in the market. Availability is very difficult. In such a situation, it is very difficult to make such complex rules of vaccine and implement them. The economic condition of the mall business is bad and if permission is not given, then there will be a condition of coming on the road.

The mall has been closed due to compulsion – the director of the mall

Mukesh Kumar, the director of a mall, said that the mall has been closed due to compulsion. We got the notification to open the mall but we had put a condition in it which was difficult to believe. They were saying that it is necessary for all the employees to have double vaccine. That’s just not possible. On 15th there is a second statement that there will be a concession in this, if there is a dose, then the work can be done, we thought it will be fine. On the evening of 16, the notification came from the Chief Secretary that the earlier rule of Tabu vaccination would not work without him.

He further told that, the government should have given time to get the vaccine. We want to get the dose but the vaccine is not available. Even if the employee wants to open between 18 and 44, he cannot open, then this permission is of no use.

The representation to the Chief Secretary said that we follow all the protocols. We believe 2 days open mall. Those who come, saw the paper of their vaccine and sent them back to those who had only one. Doesn’t sound good but what can you do? There is an appeal to the government to alarm him too. Can’t stay that long. The festive season is coming, the economic situation is very bad, in the last 17 months, 9 months malls were closed.

Look at the rest of the states, malls are open in all the states

The representation to the Chief Secretary says that every month the pocket of all the malls in Maharashtra together was more than 4000 crores. So far, there has been a loss of 36000 crores in 9 months of captivity. GST of 5000 crores has gone to the government itself, 200000 employees work directly. If the mall is not running, then from where will you keep them?

There was no help from the government. No license concession was also received. Loan concession is not available. The validity is also not being increased. The moratorium of RBI ended on 31 March. Since April, all the malls are running on loan, they are not able to give it, there is such a problem that it is difficult to say anything.


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