Seeing the condition of Afghanistan, the pain of Hema Malini spilled, remembered the shooting of the film ‘Dharmatma’

Mumbai: Eventually, Afghanistan, with a population of 40 million, came under the control of the Taliban. At such a time, the people of Hindi film industry are feeling sad to see the plight there. Many Bollywood films have been shot in Afghanistan, but in the history of Hindi cinema, Feroz Khan was the first actor-producer who took Bollywood to Kabul. Firoz Khan, in his film ‘Dharmatma’, had engraved the beautiful scenes of Kabul on the screen for the first time with the beauty of Hema. The song ‘Kya Khub Lagti Ho’, filmed on the veteran actress Hema Malini of the Hindi film industry, is as popular today as it was in 1974. Hema is getting upset seeing the condition of Afghanistan at this time, she tweeted and remembered the old days.

Hema Malini is getting upset seeing the pictures coming from Kabul on television. At this time, beautiful memories of shooting for the film ‘Dharmatma’ made in 1974 are coming to the fore. She says- ‘It is very sad to see what is happening there and it is very sad to see people trying to flee the country. The crowd is reaching the airport like crazy, which is very scary.

‘Dharmatma’ was the first thriller film that was shot in Kabul, Firoz Khan played the role of a gangster who falls in love with a gypsy girl. This role was played by Hema Malini. According to media reports, a crowd of Afghan people used to gather outside the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul to get a glimpse of Firoz. Recalling the old days, Hema Malini says that ‘The Kabul I know was very beautiful and my experience was also very good. When we landed at Kabul airport which was same as Mumbai airport at that time. We stayed in a hotel nearby. But we went to shoot at locations like Bamiyan and Band-e-Amir and while returning we saw people with long kurtas and beards who looked like Talibani.

Hema Malini shared the poster of the film ‘Dharmatma’ and tweeted remembering the days of shooting. Hema has written that – What is happening in Afghanistan, a happy, peace loving country, is very sad. There are good memories of ‘Dharmatma’ times in Afghanistan. I played the role of a gypsy girl and the entire shoot of my part was done there. My parents were also with me, we had a good time and Feroz Khan took good care of us.

(courtesy: Hema Malini/twitter)

Recalling the old days, Hema Malini said that there was no fear in traveling to Afghanistan. At that time there was no problem, there was a lot of peace. The shooting was well done under the leadership of Firoz Khan. Hema is now worried for the citizens there. She says that ‘I don’t know what the Taliban are going to do. What will happen to the people of that country? Other countries should immediately come forward for help.

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