Shashi Kapoor gave heart to Jennifer at first sight, wanted to get married at the age of 18

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Mumbai: The Kapoor family has a different status in the film industry. Shashi Kapoor, son of veteran actor, producer-director Prithviraj Kapoor, was a great actor. Girls used to die on handsome Shashi’s cute smile but Shashi’s heart fell on Jennifer Kendal. Shashi preferred to keep his relationship with his wife Jennifer private. Rarely did such an occasion come when he had told about his love. Shashi and Jennifer were married in 1958. They have two sons Karan and Kunal and daughter Sanjana. In an interview given before his death in 2017, Shashi had revealed that he wanted to marry Jennifer as soon as he saw her.

18 year old Shashi Kapoor was ready for marriage
She was 18 years old when Shashi Kapoor wanted to make Jennifer Kendal his life partner. Shashi’s father Prithviraj felt that Shashi was not yet of age for marriage. In an interview given to the media, Shashi had told that ‘I was 18 when I saw Jennifer, I wanted to get married immediately. Hearing this, my parents were shocked and said, ‘Oh my God you are only 18’. On this I said that okay, then I will wait. After that I waited for two years then he asked me ‘still you want to get married? I said yes and then got married.

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Didn’t get married again after Jennifer’s death
Shashi Kapoor and Jennifer’s pair and relationship was very sweet. Shashi loved only Jennifer till his death. In 1984, Jennifer said goodbye to this world. In such a situation, Shashi became very lonely. Shashi did not remarry after the death of his wife. Whenever he was asked, he refused and said that ‘no one like him can be found again’.

Shashi Kapoor really loved Jennifer
In an interview given to a newspaper in the year 2012, Shashi Kapoor’s son Kunal Kapoor had told that ’28 years have passed since the death of the mother but the father could never recover from this shock. When Jennifer passed away she was 50 years old and Shashi was 46 years old. He could have married if he wanted, but he only loved his mother. He was a true life partner. There is some turmoil in every relationship, but their love and relationship was different. With time, the love of both kept increasing.

Let us tell you that Shashi Kapoor passed away on 4 December 2017 after a long illness. Shashi was not only a very serious person but also a very serious artist. Now his grandson Jahan Kapoor is going to start the film innings.


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