Smartphone Exporter: Pakistan becomes smartphone exporter, first consignment sent to UAE

Pakistan Becomes Smartphone Exporter: Pakistan has become an exporter of smartphones by shipping country-made smartphones to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). According to a report published on Sunday by the newspaper Dawn News, the first consignment of 5,500 mobile sets of 4G smartphones manufactured by Inovi Telecom was sent to the UAE on Friday. The local manufacturers of mobile phones, however, have stressed the need for an export friendly policy. He says that with this Pakistan will be able to give tough competition to competing companies in West Asia.

Mobile phone regulator Pakistan Telecom Authority in a statement on Saturday congratulated the company for the achievement. Also expressed hope that the export of smartphones will increase further. This is the result of concerted efforts for the development of the mobile phone manufacturing environment in the country. Inovi Telecom Pvt Ltd was given permission in April to manufacture mobile phones.

Order completed in four months

The company has been able to fulfill its first export order within four months. The company’s chief executive Zeeshan Mian Noor said the company’s main goal is to enter the low-cost phone markets in the Middle East, including Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan.

He said, “We are building Chinese brands. There are a large number of migrant workers in the Gulf countries. The high-end consumers in the Gulf countries prefer high-end mobile brands and we should not even try to enter that market.” needed.”

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