Tata Group will give tough competition to Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos in satellite broadband, know Ratan Tata’s solid plan

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New Delhi. Satellite broadband service may soon become the next area of ​​competition among service providers. The new entrant in this space is expected to be the Tata Group in partnership with the Canadian company Telesat. According to media reports, Tata Group’s Nelco company (Nelco ltd) is in talks with Telesat to bring lightspeed satellite broadband services to India by 2024. The partnership talks between the two companies are reportedly in the final stages, it is being speculated that the trials for this service may start soon.

Telesat has satellite broadband plans
Telesat has a large satellite broadband plan, where it aims to invest around Rs 37,200 crore to set up 298 low earth orbit satellites. This satellite is expected to be more effective as compared to the traditional satellite, giving better network and faster speed. Satellite broadband services can act as a lifeline in difficult areas where wired internet services are hard to reach. Given the diversity of localities in India, services such as Lightspeed by Telesat and Starlink by Elon Musk are expected to be major connectivity resources.

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Musk’s Starlink clash
Musk’s Starlink has already started pre-bookings for its service, which is expected to launch by 2022 with an average connection bandwidth of around 150 Mbps. Bharti Airtel is also pushing for OneWeb satellite internet service to start from 2022, while Jeff Bezos’s company Amazon may also enter this segment with its satellite broadband services. India is one of the largest internet users in the world, which is expected to increase the demand for such services in marginal areas.

Jio’s important contribution in the world of internet
India is one of the biggest areas of growth for Internet services, with a significant segment of the population still in need of stable and high-speed connectivity. The country saw a huge increase in the number of internet users due to Reliance Jio, which significantly reduced the cost of mobile internet and also expanded the areas of connectivity. Jio forced other telecom operators to think in this segment as well, making India one of the most affordable countries in the world in terms of internet connectivity.


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