The world’s most expensive seafood, Know here

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Seafood plays a big role in many traditional foods around the world, especially in Japanese traditions. So let us tell you about some of the most expensive seafood in the world. (unsplash)

Bluefin tuna

Finless Foods Raises $3.5 Million for Cultured Bluefin Tuna

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Bluefin tuna is one of the most sought after seafood in Japanese cuisine, being the most expensive seafood in the world, costing around $3,600 per pound. The reason it is so expensive is that bluefin tuna are very large in size and are also very difficult to find. (unsplash)


What Is Caviar? Learn All About Caviar, Where It Comes From, and How to  Serve It - 2022 - MasterClass

Caviar: The second most expensive seafood in the world is caviar. This luxury food is quite hard to find and downright expensive. Beluga caviar, also known as ‘black gold’, is the rarest and most expensive caviar. (unsplash)

Baby Eel:

The Real Reason Baby Eels Are So Expensive

Baby Eel: Limited supply and market pressure have driven up baby eel prices significantly over the years. It is used globally, especially in Michelin-starred restaurants in Spain. Baby eels, also known as elves, are famous in both Japanese and Spanish cuisine. (Instagram/danigarcia7)

Coffin Bay Oysters:

ये हैं दुनिया के सबसे दुर्लभ और महंगे सीफूड, कीमत कर देगी हैरान

Coffin Bay Oysters: These giant oysters originate from the pristine waters of Coffin Bay, South Australia. They are eaten like this or with lemon juice. (unsplash)


ये हैं दुनिया के सबसे दुर्लभ और महंगे सीफूड, कीमत कर देगी हैरान

This is one of the deadliest but most expensive dishes in the world. The Japanese eat about 10,000 tons of puffer fish every year. When on demand, it is sold for around $265 per kilogram. Wild Torafugu is a type of puffer fish used mostly in restaurants, served as thinly sliced ​​sashimi or deep fried. (unsplash)

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