Uri Shoot in Serbia: Neither Kashmir nor PoK… Vicky Kaushal’s film Uri was shot in Serbia, this was the special reason

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Uri Shoot in Serbia: In 2016, the Indian Army avenged the Uri attack from the terrorists by conducting a surgical strike in enemy territory. This true incident was filmed on screen in 2019. The hero was Vicky Kaushal and the name of the film was Uri- The Surgical Strike. People liked the film so much that the film had earned Rs 200 crore on seeing it. Even today, this film is included in the top 10 Patriotic Movies, which fills the chest. But do you know that many parts of this film were shot in Serbia. Especially the surgical strike climax scene of the film.

Because of this, Serbia was chosen
Vicky Kaushal’s Uri looks like it has been shot in India itself. But you will be surprised to know that most parts of this film have been shot in Serbia and other locations. Especially the climax scene of the film. Those who see it, it seems that the film has been shot in Kashmir but it is not so, but the surgical strike scene was filmed in Serbia. There was some special reason behind this. The biggest reason among them was the equipment which is shown in the surgical strike scene.

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These tools are not available in India whereas in Serbia they are easily available. Even if these weapons i.e. guns, night vision glasses were ordered from there, it would have taken a lot of time. So it was decided that why not shoot this part of the film in Serbia itself. The rules related to shooting in Serbia are also quite loose. Visa is easily available here. Also the location here was very similar to Kashmir. This is the reason why the director of the film Aditya Dhar chose it.

The film made in a low budget earned 200 crores
The special thing was that despite being shot in Serbia, the budget of this film was very less. This film was ready for about 25 crores and its shooting went on for 50 days. But the film broke records in terms of earnings. Uri had joined the list of big films by earning Rs 200 crores.


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