Weight loss tips: Can curd really reduce weight and fat fast? Know the important things and the right time to consume

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Weight Loss Tips: In the last few years, obesity has emerged as a major problem due to poor lifestyle, stress, unhealthy foods, physical inactivity and lack of sleep. Due to obesity, people are falling prey to many serious diseases.

People make all efforts to control their increasing weight, even after this the weight does not decrease. It is recommended to eat curd for weight loss, but can curd really reduce weight and fat? We have brought the answer to this question of yours.

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What do diet experts say
According to well-known diet expert Dr. Ranjana Singh, both exercise and healthy diet are necessary for fat and weight loss. Making some changes in your daily diet can help in weight loss. According to him, the consumption of curd is also beneficial in reducing obesity, know how.

BMI remains in control
According to Dr. Ranjana Singh, calcium is found in abundance in curd, which monitors the body mass index (BMI). A few kilos of weight can be reduced by including it in the diet.

Keeps you satisfied for a long time
Yogurt is a low carb and high protein food, so it is one of the best foods for weight loss. The protein present in curd is helpful in maintaining lean muscle mass and reducing belly fat. In this sense, curd helps in weight loss.

Increases Metabolism
According to experts, people whose metabolism is strong, it is easier for them to lose weight. Yogurt contains pro-biotics that enhance digestion, thereby improving metabolism. Therefore, it is considered effective in reducing weight.

Benefits of eating curd

  • The cooling effect of curd is beneficial for the body in the summer season.
  • Consumption of curd is effective in removing dehydration and digestive problems.
  • Those who are willing to lose weight are advised to eat curd.
  • It makes your teeth and bones strong
  • Curd improves digestion and is good for the heart.

How to consume curd in this way
You can have a bowl of curd with lunch or dinner, consume it in the form of smoothie for breakfast. Raita, buttermilk and lassi can also be beneficial in weight loss.


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