What is Brahma Muhurta, why is it considered auspicious?

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Often you must have heard from elders that getting up in Brahma Muhurta and starting your daily routine gives success in life. Do you know what is Brahma Muhurta? What is its significance in Hinduism? Why is Brahma Muhurta considered auspicious? Why works done in Brahma Muhurta are proved? Let us try to answer all these questions of yours here.

What is Brahma Muhurta?

The time of the end of the night and just before sunrise is called Brahma Muhurta. That is, the time from 4 o’clock in the morning till sunrise is called Brahma Muhurta. Brahm means Param Tattva i.e. Paramatma and Muhurta means time. In this way, Brahma Muhurta is considered to be the time of the gods.

Importance of Brahma Muhurta in Hinduism

In Hindu beliefs, Brahma Muhurta is considered the best time. According to mythological beliefs, in ancient times, sages considered this time to be the best for meditating on God. It is said that during Brahma Muhurta, positive energy resides in the atmosphere. There is accomplishment in all the work done at this time. According to the scriptures, when Hanumanji went to Lanka, he went to Ashok Vatika and met Sita in the Brahma Muhurta itself.

Auspicious brahma muhurta

The time before sunrise i.e. Brahma Muhurta is considered auspicious. The natural environment is also favorable during this time. Birds start chirping, chickens wake up and start banging. Lotus flowers bloom. That is why it is said that waking up in this Muhurta brings positive energy into the body. By starting the routine from Brahma Muhurta, the whole day goes well and all the work gets done on time.

This time is considered best for studies. Because when we wake up after sleeping all night, the mind remains calm. There is not much noise and noise in the Brahma Muhurta. That’s why concentration remains and studies are done well. Success is definitely achieved by contemplating in Brahma Muhurta.

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