When Pakistani said to ‘SherShaah’ – ‘Give us Madhuri Dixit’, then Captain Vikram Batra gave a befitting reply

New Delhi: Today, on the occasion of Independence Day, many Indians are remembering the martyrdom of their brave soldiers. On this occasion, Kargil war hero Captain Vikram Batra is being discussed everywhere, whom Pakistani infiltrators used to call him by his codeword ‘Shershaah’. They were aware of their stamina, knew their courage, so they were afraid of them and were warning them to return. But, Vikram had come to drive out the intruders.

Captain’s brother Vishal Batra had narrated such an incident during a conversation when a Pakistani soldier had asked Vikram to hand over Madhuri Dixit. On this, the captain gave such an answer, due to which the ground had slipped under the feet of the Pakistanis. According to media reports, this was disclosed by Vikram’s twin brother Vishal Batra in a talk show in 2017.

(Photo Credits: Instagram/captain.vikrambatra)

Vishal told how his brother Vikram had given a befitting reply to Pakistan. He says, ‘When Vikram was moving towards the enemies, his radio was intercepted by one of the Pakistani soldiers and started challenging him. The Pakistani soldier had said, ‘Hey Sher Shah, don’t come up, otherwise you will have a bad time.’ At that time Vikram thought that how can a Pakistani challenge me?’

Vikram accepted the challenge like a true leader. It was not an easy task. Vikram replied to that soldier that we will see in the next one hour who stays on the top. During this conversation, the Pakistani soldier said, ‘You know we are going to defeat you. Will throw you back and we will take one of your most famous Bollywood heroines.’ Vishal further explains, ‘Then Vikram said, ‘No’. Then he attacked the enemies fiercely and destroyed all their bunkers. Before unfurling the tricolor on the top, Vikram very softly threw a hand grenade and said, ‘A loving gift from Madhuri Dixit to all of you.’

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